Dressing up Bro

Well, I’m still on my crafting/organization kick right now. I decided that I wanted to make a cozy for the sewing machine, a.k.a Bro. Since Bro is down in the basement, along with the rest of my crafting nest., I thought that he’d need a cozy to keep off the dust, cobwebs, etc. It was pretty easy to make. I just measured out the approximate dimensions and then made a pattern. I added a little contrasting fabric for trim so it wouldn’t look like a big sack, then added a little skirt to the bottom to spruce it up a bit. Easy peasy. I only wish that I might have had some interfacing or batting, that way it would have had a bit more shape to it.

I just hope that it isn’t too feminine for Bro. . . or maybe I should change the name to Bromina?

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