Sneezin’ in Style

I don’t know what it is, but whenever back to school comes around, I love to get organized. From the kitchen cabinets to my purse, I love to clean everything out and start fresh. This led me to search for a tissue solution. As an allergy sufferer of olympic proportions, I always have a packet of tissues in my purse. However convenient they might be, attractive they are not. Usually half-way through the pack, it turns into a rumpled mess that will no longer stay closed and looks like it has been mangled by stick-fingered first grader. So I went on a meandering little trip via the internet to find a simple tutorial on how to make a tissue holder. I came across this one on the blog tuttifruiti. Super cute and crazy easy!!! It took me five minutes to sew it up on the old Bro, but you could easily hand sew this as well, if you don’t have a sewing machine available. I could make a million of these! How cute would it be in a gingham print or a tweed? I am seriously going to make these for everyone. What great little presents they would make. Christmas, Mother’s Day, or just cute hostess gift. I can’t wait to whip up some more!

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