“Eyes will bankrupt you”

The Japanese are weird. Case in point, these ball-and-joint dolls (BJDs) that are supposed to be the latest craze. These hand-sculpted, hand-painted, anatomically correct and eerily lifelike dolls are huge in Japan and South Korea and are gaining popularity here in the US with those weirdo doll collectors. BJDs are super hot right now because they are totally customizable: wigs, hands, feet, uh . . chest size, and eyes. I quote this NPR article: “Eyes will bankrupt you . . . anywhere from $30 to $100.” What about these things bankrupting your SOUL!! Dolls are scary enough without having customizable genitalia. Ick.

BTW, doesn’t this thing look like one of the creatures from the Dark Crystal!? Total heebie jeebies right now.

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