I survived Lolla ‘08

What a fantastic weekend. Had a blast at the concert. Super hot sweaty mess, but well worth it. We danced our heart out at DJ Bald Eagle, DeVotchka, and Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings and rocked out at The Black Keys and The Racounteurs. Was a bit disappointed with Rage Against the Machine and missed seeing Eli “Paperboy” Reed, but otherwise it was perfect. Was impressed on how diverse the crowds were and also how everyone was very mellow and neighborly. Even the beer and food prices were reasonable. I guarantee that I will be back next year.

We also went to The Hideout on Saturday after the concert. Lord, that was fun. Nothing like dancing up a storm after a full day of concert going! Peanut butter feet, indeed! Best part was Shawn, The Dancing Bandito, nearly lost my mind on that one.

NOTE: Completed #54 on list.

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