Whoa . . .

I have no idea where to begin. A ton has been going on since my last post. Since it would take about 15 hours to write everything out, I am going to do a condensed “list” form to bring you up to speed.

1. Flew to CMH, Southwest airlines sucks.
2. Rental car was a red Suburban. BEHEMOTH. Still feeling guilty about the carbon footprint on that one!
3. Had small mental break when having to throw out my 14 year old Lip Smacker collection.
4. Dinner at Spagio Wine Cellar with friends, good times.
5. Quaker Steak and Lube with the knuckleheads. Lots of laughs.
6. Feeling awkward when the movers were packing all of our wordly possesions while listening to Rush Limbaugh. What!?
7. Feeling no sentimentality whatsoever when closing the door to 1286 Morning for the last time. I was done.
8. Hanging out with Dave and Christi. Already looking forward to HHI.
9. Drove home, unpacked, did laundry, repacked, flew to Las Vegas.
10. Gambling, drinking, pool, lazy river, piano bars.
11. No sleep.
12. More drinking and gambling.
13. Congratulations to JT and Tara.
14. Fly home, lose voice for three days and try to regain lost sleep.

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