Thank you, God. We have finally sold the house in Columbus. Can you believe it?!! Words cannot express how happy I am that this is finally over. We can not officially move on with our lives here in Madison. Speaking of moving, geez this is going to be hectic. Shawn and I are having to fly out to CMH this weekend to meet with the movers on Monday and Tuesday, then drive back here on Wednesday with the remainder of our stuff that can’t go into storage. I am happy to get the rest of my clothes and shoes and things. Also greatly looking forward to seeing our friends again. It has been quite a while. I know that Shawn is looking forward to it as well. He hasn’t been there since October!

This is going to be hard as well. I have a feeling that it is finally going to hit me that we are no longer living in Columbus, the place that I have called home for the past 13 years. I hope that I don’t get too sappy.

Hectic . . . geez, I just realized that we are basically going to be going from CMH back here and then turning around again to go to Las Vegas for JT and Tara’s wedding. Oh lord, this is going to be nuts. Please be patient if I do not post again soon.

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