Webkinz Anonymous

Ok, so my nephew got these stuffed animals for Christmas called Webkins Think of Beanie Babies that have their own website and virtual world. Kinda cool, kinda scary. I mean what happened to “make believe”? So these Webkinz have “money” that you earn by playing games and things on the site. You then use these dollars to buy food, clothing, toys, etc. for your pet Webkinz. (Talk about learning the value of a dollar early!)

So, my nephew was having a hard time playing some of the games, so like the wonderful aunt that I am, I tell him I will go online and play some of the games for him to earn some cash for him . . . little did I know that I was going to be sucked into the vortex! I am now addicted to playing this dumb game called Cash Cow 2. Ugh. It is like Tetris, so you can understand the addiction. I could lose hours in this black hole if I allowed it. The good thing is that at least I am raking in the dough for the little guy to buy a virtual mansion for his pets.

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