Shawn and I are definitely enjoying ourselves here in Hilton Head, SC. Getting some much needed R&R before we head back to the craziness in Columbus. I must admit, there is nothing more restorative than a day by the sea.

Heading South

Shawn and I decided to take a last minute vacation to Hilton Head, SC for some much needed R&R. I’m hoping to do a lot of nothing: reading, laying in the sun, going to The Salty Dog Cafe for happy hour, and naps. . . lots of naps.

Of course, I have literally nothing to wear. We moved out here thinking that I would be wearing maternity clothes until June/July, so I didn’t pack any warm weather gear and it’s all in storage. So, I’m heading out to pick up some things. (Nothing like bathing suit shopping under pressure.) I’m planning on packing extremely light, a couple of sundresses, shorts and tees, and something to swim in.

Check out the shopping detail of the above items here.

NYC Trip

Shawn and I will be heading to NYC for a few days. He’s going for a PR event for work and I’m just tagging along. Looking forward to some serious shopping and going to The Whitney and MOMA. We’ll be staying at The Standard which is right on The High Line, so I’m looking forward to checking that out as well. I’ll post highlights when we get back in town. Ciao!

Apple Festival ’10

This is our third year going to the Gays Mills Apple Festival, unfortunately Roz and Lukey didn’t get to join us this time. It was a bit chillier this year that in the past, but still a gorgeous day. I had the requisite apple cider donut and some apple pie, but you all know what the best was. . . . apple slushie time. Damn, those have to be what the Greek gods were drinking when they talk about ambrosia. Definitely heaven sent.

On the way back from the festival, we stopped at Sunrise Orchards and I brought home about 1/2 a bushel of Cortlands and a big bag of Galas to make applesauce, apple butter, and to freeze for pies and crisps later on. Honeycrisps, of course will be savored on their own. Oh and we got a jug of cider to take with us to Farm Aid this weekend. What better way to tailgate than with warmed cider spiked with some rye? Woot! I’ll post later on how my apple butter and applesauce turn out. Now I need to get cranking.

Noble County Gold Heaven: NorthernGRADE

This weekend Shawn and I are headed up to Minneapolis to check out NorthernGRADE.
It’s a shopping event designed to celebrate American- made menswear from small companies, most of them from right here in the Midwest. The line up can be directly taken from Shawn’s closet: Red Wing Shoes, Duluth Pack, Pierrepont Hicks, Taylor Stitch, J.W.Hulme, and Baldwin Denim. Basically, Noble County Gold heaven.

I think that this event is a really brilliant idea. Not only is it spot on with the current “nostalgic/heritage” trend that is happening in menswear, it focuses on something that is becoming more and more important today: buying local and staying true to your roots. One of the things I hear Shawn say all the time is, “I want it to be REAL.” Meaning, that it has to be an authentic product as well as it ringing true to your heart. I wish that women’s fashion would jump on this bandwagon.

Since I am not really going to be trying any bow ties- although that IS a big trend this fall- I’m looking forward more to some of the other vendors that will be present. This is not just a clothing meet up! They will also have bikes by Freeman Transport, canoes by Stewart River, and stationery by Doane Paper. I am really looking forward to checking out the bikes, Freeman is an amazing company and I would LOVE to own one. Or maybe I can talk Shawn into bringing back a canoe to take out on Lake Mendota! More likely, I’ll see if I can nab an old school hunting cap by Stormy Kromer. Perfect to keep me warm this winter while out throwing snowballs for Walter.

They’ll also have music, food, and other entertainment, so I’m sure it will be more like a night out with some well dressed gentlemen than a man bazaar.

Home Sweet Home

Well, I logged over 1450 miles across four states and think that the trip was a success!

I had an awesome time with Roz seeing The Black Keys in concert. Amazing show! We didn’t let the heat and humidity stop us from rocking out the entire time, although it looked like we got out of a pool when the concert was over. We spent Saturday going to the North Market, swimming in the hotel’s stainless steel pool (a surreal experience – I felt like I was in some science fiction movie) and then sharing a fantastic meal at Z Cucina. I dropped her off at the airport on Sunday and headed over to Dawn’s house.

The week was spent hanging out with good friends, playing with their adorable babies, and just enjoying each other’s company. Such wonderful friends, I am so thankful to have them in my life. Even though we are miles apart, I feel just as close to them as if we still lived across the street from each other as we did in college. 

I then drove up to North Canton to see Shawn’s family. It was great to spend a little quality time with my mother-in-law on Saturday evening while Shawn was doing his golf thing. (He won the Senior Cup! Woot!!) Sunday we visited his grandparents house for the afternoon. It means a lot to me to spend time with them, since I have no living grandparents. I always tell Shawn how lucky he is to still have them around. That evening we then went over to his aunt and uncle’s house for dinner and a quick visit which include taking us out on the lake in their pontoon boat- what fun! Monday we drove back to the Land O’Cheese.

I had a wonderful time on my little road trip, but I’m glad to be back. I’m looking forward to getting settled back into my normal routine.

Road Trip!!

I’m leaving later today to start my road trip to Ohio! I’ll be meeting my sister down at Club Ponderosa tonight and we’ll be heading out tomorrow morning. We’ll be seeing The Black Keys in concert Friday, Saturday we’ll be hitting up the St. Brendan’s Festival and meeting up with some friends. I’ll drop her off at the airport to fly home on Sunday while I head over to Dawn’s house to spend the week. Saturday I’ll be driving up to North Canton to meet Shawn and hang out with his family, then we’ll both drive back on Monday. Good times await!! I’ll be taking a break from posting, but will be sure to let you know of my Buckeye adventures when I return.

Beach Dreaming

It’s getting closer to the end of summer and that means that I can’t stop dreaming about going back to Hilton Head Island, SC. I am longing for one more day of hot sun on the sand, salty ocean breezes, and hunting for shells. Not to mention going to happy hour when the sun goes down and having a few foofoo drinks at the Salty Dog Cafe.

If I were packing up to head to wonderful HHI, this would these would be on my list: Cabana Red Deck Chair, Selvedge Stitch Tote, Kate Spade “Ally” aviator sunglasses, swimsuit, beach towels, Field Guide to Seashells, straw stitched fedora, pleated chambray swing dress, cotton knot necklace, TOMS shoes.

*Chance’s website is currently down, hopefully it will be back up soon.

Back from Club Ponderosa

Well, I’m finally back home from my extended stay down at Club Ponderosa. I had a great time while I was there. The 4th of July weekend was a good time: seeing my cousins and their sweet little babies, swimming in the pool, hanging out with the extended Torto family, and of course watching Shawn in all of his pyrotechnic glory.

I took Mom and Dad to the airport EARLY on Tuesday morning to catch their flight to Hawaii, then spent the week hanging out at the house with Roz and Luke watching movies and more swimming. I also got a good chunk of knitting done. So relaxing!

Shawn drove back down on Friday afternoon and we went to Pepe’s that night. They have amazing Mexican food and the margaritas are only second to the ones that Dad makes at home. Saturday, the four of us went to Raging Waves Water Park for the day. So much fun!! I haven’t been to a water park since I don’t know when, so it was a great time. We rode everything and laughed a ton. I would totally do it again. We came home and realized we locked ourselves out of the house, so I had to get on the roof and break in through an unlocked window. (I still have my cat burglar skills!) Yesterday was just a lazy day with more swimming and grilling out before we drove back home last night.

I really enjoyed the time down there, especially being able to hang out with Roz and Luke, but I am glad to be back in the Land O’Cheese once again. I missed the house and everyday life with the hubby. There’s no place like home.

It’ll be a real blowout

I’ll be spending the week down at Club Ponderosa to house sit while my parents go on vacation, so it will be a little quiet around here for a bit. I need to pack and figure out what knitting/sewing projects I am going to bring with me, but I wanted to first wish everyone an early “Happy Independence Da!” I’m really looking forward to some QT with family and friends, but I think that the hubby is just in it for the fireworks. Yes, Shawn will be in his pyromaniacal glory on Sunday. He’s already got that glazed look over his eyes and is muttering about mortars and 200 repeaters . . . Lord help me.

I promise to post a recap of the firework extravaganza when I return. Hope that everyone has a happy and safe Fourth!!