Apple Festival ’10

This is our third year going to the Gays Mills Apple Festival, unfortunately Roz and Lukey didn’t get to join us this time. It was a bit chillier this year that in the past, but still a gorgeous day. I had the requisite apple cider donut and some apple pie, but you all know what the best was. . . . apple slushie time. Damn, those have to be what the Greek gods were drinking when they talk about ambrosia. Definitely heaven sent.

On the way back from the festival, we stopped at Sunrise Orchards and I brought home about 1/2 a bushel of Cortlands and a big bag of Galas to make applesauce, apple butter, and to freeze for pies and crisps later on. Honeycrisps, of course will be savored on their own. Oh and we got a jug of cider to take with us to Farm Aid this weekend. What better way to tailgate than with warmed cider spiked with some rye? Woot! I’ll post later on how my apple butter and applesauce turn out. Now I need to get cranking.

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