Geek Baking

Okay, my inner geek is going bonkers for these Star Wars cookie cutters. I just saw these in the Williams-Sonoma catalog.

Come on, how insane would it be to be able to bite a chunk out of Boba Fett’s head? To dunk Darth Vader in a glass of milk?

Now all they need to come out with is a chocolate mold for when Han Solo was frozen in carbonite!

**Update: they also have pancake molds!**

Drinking the Kool-Aid

Unless you’ve been under a rock this week, you’ve heard all the hype about the new iphone being released in a few weeks. The iphone 4 becomes available on June 24th. I am not writing a tech review here, but I wanted to comment on this a little bit, since I. WANT. ONE. Yes, I have been drinking the Apple-flavored Kool-Aid again.

As a self-admitted Apple worshiper, I must say that I am loving what I am seeing right now. I currently have the iphone 3G, which has served me quite well, but the 4 is looking like it addresses all of the things that I had on my improvement wish list: higher quality camera resolution and included flash, longer battery life, improved display, video recording, a slimmer profile, and improved multi-tasking. Of course, Apple went further than I could have hoped. (Check out this to see all the details.)

Now, I am not going to rush out and buy one on the 24th, as tempting as that may be. I want to see if there are any bugs/issues with it before I plunk down my $199 for one. I also want to check into how AT&T is going to handle its data-usage fees. We currently have a plan with unlimited data, but the folks at old Ma Bell are trying to change that. So far, I believe that we are grandfathered into our current plan, but I don’t want to be messin’ around with things before I am guaranteed that we don’t lose that when we get a new phone.

So. . . here’s to you, Apple. Bottom’s up!


You have all heard me bemoan our computer situation. After trying to go the external hard drive route, we still had a mess on our hands. The laptop was simply past it’s prime. Obsolete OS and software, a dead battery, sssllloooooowww reactions time. It was time to put her our to pasture. Oh don’t worry, we’ll still take her out for a spin every once in a while, but it was time to get a new workhorse. . .

So, we pulled the trigger on Sunday and got an iMac desktop! I went with the basic 21.5 inch screen (still massive!) and 500GB memory. With the 1TB external, I feel that we are covered. It came with the sweet magic mouse and wireless keyboard. I feel so sci-fi!

Yesterday was spend using the Migration Manager to move all our files from the laptop to the desktop. This was a GODSEND! I was freaking out about how to handle this and almost purchased the data transfer package from Apple, but this thing rocked my world. It is standard on any Mac. . . was even on the old laptop. I had to run it wirelessly since I didn’t have a firewire cord, so it took literally all day (about 7 hours!) but it moved everything. Not only the files and data, but also your preference settings! This was great especially with movie itunes, which I have stored on the external drive. 

I am super excited to play around with the new software. . . starting with iWeb! I’ve already been able to make a few changes to the site, adding HTML widgets and cleaning up the homepage. I’ll now be able to add movies, music, slide shows, etc. Much more exciting posts to come!

Literary Fashion

I am a huge nerd. I LOVE to read. I thoroughly enjoy telling everyone what I am reading, getting suggestions from others what to read next, and talking about books in general. That’s why I am so wanting to rock some of these literary tees. What better way to show what books you are interested in? (It’s great that they use the vintage cover art.)

I might have to pick up a tee or two from here. Its stock is full of philosophers, playwrights, poets, novelists and political scribes (such as the Founding Fathers.) I’m thinking Tolkien or Vonnegut would be sweet.

This site is also great! Baseball jerseys for characters from classic novels and for the authors who wrote them. There are two "Moby Dick" shirts – one for Ahab and one for the whale! My favorite is Hester Prynne.

What’s your IKEA name?

Oh, excuse me, I mean what name would you have if you were a product made by a famous Swedish furniture company whose corporate colors are yellow and blue? Find out here, if you’d like five seconds of silliness to start your Monday.

Look who has her nook!

Woot!! It finally here!! Shawn’s mom was sweet enough to order me one for Christmas, but it has been back-ordered. I can’t wait for it to be charged up so I can play with it. Oooh, what am I going to read on it first? Oh snap! I just realized I’ll be able to travel with it on my trip to Columbus next week!! I’ll be the envy of every one on the plane. Ha!

Why Hello There. . .

There’s a new man in my life. Well to be more precise, a new camera. (But it is manly looking, isn’t it?) Please meet my new Sony Cybershot DSH-H20. It’s he handsome with his 10x zoom and Carl Zeiss lens?

Received as Christmas present from the hubby, it is exactly what I wanted. I had an old, battle-weary Cybershot that has been much loved, but seen better days. This time around I wanted something with a greater zoom and the option to shoot manual exposures, but still being compact enough to travel and to take simple point-and-shoot photos. He’s the best of both worlds.

I am really jazzed about being able to get back into manual photography. I haven’t done any since college, so I am pretty much back at beginner status. I went to B&N and picked up Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Photography Field Guide to help me get back in the swing of things. I promise to post some pics once I get some decent shots going. I might even start up a Flickr account! Squeeee!