You have all heard me bemoan our computer situation. After trying to go the external hard drive route, we still had a mess on our hands. The laptop was simply past it’s prime. Obsolete OS and software, a dead battery, sssllloooooowww reactions time. It was time to put her our to pasture. Oh don’t worry, we’ll still take her out for a spin every once in a while, but it was time to get a new workhorse. . .

So, we pulled the trigger on Sunday and got an iMac desktop! I went with the basic 21.5 inch screen (still massive!) and 500GB memory. With the 1TB external, I feel that we are covered. It came with the sweet magic mouse and wireless keyboard. I feel so sci-fi!

Yesterday was spend using the Migration Manager to move all our files from the laptop to the desktop. This was a GODSEND! I was freaking out about how to handle this and almost purchased the data transfer package from Apple, but this thing rocked my world. It is standard on any Mac. . . was even on the old laptop. I had to run it wirelessly since I didn’t have a firewire cord, so it took literally all day (about 7 hours!) but it moved everything. Not only the files and data, but also your preference settings! This was great especially with movie itunes, which I have stored on the external drive. 

I am super excited to play around with the new software. . . starting with iWeb! I’ve already been able to make a few changes to the site, adding HTML widgets and cleaning up the homepage. I’ll now be able to add movies, music, slide shows, etc. Much more exciting posts to come!

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