Joseph 6.0

Another year has past and now I have a six year old. This year was a wonderful one, full of fun vacations, new adventures, and enjoying all that life has to offer.

Watching you transform from a pre-schooler to a kindergartener has been amazing. Your love of school has continued to bloom. I love seeing your confidence grow while learning to navigate all the ins and outs of being in kindergarten. You dearly love your teachers and classmates, referring to them as “your friends.” Watching you form those friendships and expand your circle is something that I have wished for you for a long time.

Your academic skills continue to amaze us, but I am more proud that you use that knowledge to help your classmates and be a leader. Your interest in science continues, and the questions about geography, weather, space and the world around you are becoming more complex and in depth. I love your curiosity and always wanting to know the answer.

You are still always so busy with your toys, whether racing your cars and trucks, building with legos, or building track for all of your Thomas trains. Your love of reading continues to grow and I can often find you quietly curled up with a stack of books. Some of your favorites right now are Do Dragons Love Tacos, Lost and Found, and any book by Mo Williams.  You’ve started to enjoy athletics; playing soccer, taking gymnastic lessons, and continuing your swimming lessons. You also have joined scouts and are a Lion Cub this year. You and Dad have had so much fun together building rockets and winning the Pinewood Derby!

I am astounded by how much you have grown. You’ve lost six teeth so far this year and lost your baby face and chubby limbs, morphing into a boy with long limbs and pointy elbows. However, you are still quick to share hugs and kisses and ask to sit on my lap every day. I am so blessed to be able to witness you grow into an amazing, wonderful, human being.  Happy 6th Birthday, Joseph William, you are my sun and stars. Mommy loves you so very much.

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