Seven Years

Time marches on, yet I can still feel the ache. We recently sold the house in St. Charles and I had to face that box. I peeked inside and then fled, leaving Shawn to physically move it for me. It is now tucked away on a shelf, patiently waiting.

Your brother continues to be the light of our lives. He lives life so joyfully and full of exuberance, it is a lesson to me. Remembering to focus on the best in life, despite the ache, and to cherish it fully.

I so cherish those brief moments, now seven years ago, with both of you in this world, they are some the most precious I hold in my heart. I also cherish this ache, because it means that I remember the joy that you gave to me.

Happy Birthday, Mary and Christopher. We love you so.

One thought on “Seven Years

  1. Truly believe that Great Grandma Sassaman is holding Christopher and Mary in her arms. She will watch over them forever. Love ,hugs and prayers .

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