Wool & Honey Socks

September’s installment of #operationsockdrawer might be one of my favorites.  The yarn is an exclusive colorway for Wool & Honey from ScrupticousPurl. The colors gorgeously recall summer on Lake Michigan; the sandy shore and inky water, the sky and clouds. So pretty! The yarn itself is so cozy and warm, I know that they’ll be in heavy rotation this fall. 

Although I really can’t stand the yarn, I decided to use it for the contrasting heel/toe  since it was perfect match. (Plus, now I used it all and now it’s finally gone!) 

I used this ever-faithful pattern. Which I’ve memorized long ago. All the detail on Ravelry

I also finished another pair of Rollers. Such a great way to use up those leftovers and super quick to knit, they’re great to keep in the car to work on when waiting at school pick up or at music lessons. I’ve already cast on my third pair! 

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