Joseph 5.0

Another year has flown by, how can it be that you’re turning five today? This was another year filled with lots of changes and challenges for our family, but as always,  your joyful and easy going attitude helped us make it a wonderful one.

Your growing independence and strong-willed personality has blossomed during your second year of school, I love picking you up and hearing that you had a “fun” or “awesome” day at school and hope that you are always so excited and passionate about your education.  Your academic skills  continue to amaze. Reading at a second grade level already! I love your interest in science how inquisitive you can be. So many questions about the sun, stars, weather, and the world around you.

You are always so busy with your toys, whether racing your cars and trucks, building with legos, or building track for all of your Thomas trains. Although you want to be an iPad junky, you continue to love the outdoors, no matter what the weather, and are happiest when in the water.  You are doing so well at swimming lessons, I love watching you dive for rings while wearing your goggles. You are always generous with your hugs and kisses and love nothing more than to snuggle up together and watch a movie. I am so blessed to be able to continued to watch you grow into an amazing, wonderful, human being.  Happy Birthday, Joseph William, you are my shining star. Mommy loves you so very much.


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