Sleepless in St. Charles

So I mentioned in my previous post that we are moving and that Shawn has been commuting on the weekends until we can sell the house and join him in Grand Rapids. 

As you can imagine, this has been hard for Joe. It’s been most prominent in his sleep, or lack there of. He goes to bed at his normal bedtime of 8pm without any problems but has been waking up in the middle of the night yelling for me. Sometimes I can get him back to sleep after a quick trip to the bathroom, others he is up for hours. He freaks out if I am not in the room with him and I usually end up using my mom-ninga skills to sneak out of the room. He’s been consistently waking up at least once a night since November, when Shawn started with the commute. He’s now getting worse  where he’s been up twice (or three times) a night. Out if sheer exhaustion, I’ve been having him come into my bed. This is something I have never done, unless sick, and I don’t want to make it a habit. (No offense to co-sleepers, just not my thing.)

 I’m at my wits end trying to figure out how to help Joey, but I’m at a loss. He’s also exhibiting some other changes in behavior such as clinginess and anxiety when realizing I’m not close (such as when I run upstairs to grab the laundry or something.) 

I’m really struggling with getting no sleep. I think I actually slept more when he was an infant! It’s making me less patient with him and adding  to the stress of solo-parenting while putting the house on the market. Any suggestions (and good sleeping mojo) would be so greatly appreciated. 

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