Joseph 3.2

IMG_6341This month has been busy! I’ve been going to big boy school and I’ve gotten more comfortable and really like it. I get to bring home a library book every week and play on the playground every day. We’ve done lots of fun things, like learning about different plants, the weather, and cooking!

Swim class is also going great. I’ve gotten two more ribbons! I’m excited for summer to get here so I can swim in grandpa’s pool and show off how well I’m doing.

IMG_6351We went to the March of Dimes Walk for my big brother and sister, Christopher and Mary. It was a bright sunny day and we had a great time at the park and walking along the river. It was too far to walk, so I got to relax in the stroller and point out the ducks and geese along the way. It was a good day.

IMG_6354Grandma Colley came out to visit me! She stayed for a whole week and we had so much fun reading books together, playing trains in the basement, and snuggling together on the couch. I miss her a lot, but mom and dad said that we’ll go to visit her in Ohio this summer.

IMG_6366We also celebrated Mother’s Day! I made Mommy some really great gifts this year, a wind chime and a sign that says ” I ❤️ Mommy”. She loved them, of course! Daddy and I also went to the donut shop for breakfast and took Mommy and Grandma Colley to a really nice dinner.

Spring has been fun, but I’m ready for Summer!

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