Joseph 2.9


What a busy month! I had a ton of fun at Thanksgiving. Grandma Cathy came to visit for the week, so we had a great time playing and reading books together. Thanksgiving was awesome because all my favorite people were there! I think I had more fun playing with Luke and Grandpa that eating, but Grandma, Auntie Roz and Auntie Ashley made sure I got plenty of treats so I was just as stuffed at the turkey. IMG_5856.JPG

I’m really excited for Christmas this year! I love decorating the tree (every day) and looking at the lights. We even have our very own elf, Jerry, staying with us!  Mom and I have been baking cookies and watching Rudolf a lot! I am getting more and more excited about Santa and Christmas every day!IMG_5876.JPG

Now that the weather isn’t the best to go outside, I’ve really been having fun playing with play dough, painting, coloring, and doing other crafts with Mom. We also go down in the basement and make obstacle courses, play ball, and spend a lot of time playing with my trains. Daddy and I have fun wrestling and chasing each other and playing “rocket ship” too. IMG_5864.JPGI’m REALLY looking forward to the holidays! Hopefully, it will snow. I want to sled and make a snow man so bad!!


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