Joseph 2.8








Mom’s really sick. She told me to post my photos for today and will transcribe my notes once she’s feeling better.

UPDATE: Sorry for the delay, but mom’s feeling much better and was able to add my notes from this month! 

This past month has been a lot of fun. We played outside in the leaves at much as possible. I absolutely loved kicking them around, diving into piles, and going on “treasure hunts” to find red, yellow, orange, and brown ones. I also liked being able to dig around in the dirt, throw sticks for Walter, and run all over the place.

I’ve been doing pretty well on potty training this month! I’m wearing big boy underwear all day, my favorites have Thomas and Lightening McQueen on them. I still have a few accidents now and then, but nobody is perfect!

Halloween was a bit of a bust. I had fun dressing up, but the weather was awful and none of the neighbors were home! Mom saved the day by putting some candy and rice krispy treats in my bucket. Hopefully, next year will be better.

Now that the weather has been making it hard to get outside Mom has been making sure we do lots of fun things around the house. We bake cookies, paint and color with crayons, play with play dough, and play with the vacuum. Gosh, I do love that machine.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving! Everyone is coming to our house for dinner. Plus Grandma Cathy is coming to visit for a whole week! She is so much fun and always brings me the best presents.


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