Joseph 2.3



This month has been all about being outside! I’ve been able to swim in the pool at Grandma and Grandpa’s house – finally! I just love being in the water, splashing around, riding on my “boat” (pool lounger), jumping off the ladder, and playing silly games with Dad and Grandpa.

I help Grandma water the plants and ride the tractor with Grandpa. Its fun to be able to explore in the yard and pick up rocks and sticks. My favorite thing is sitting under the big oak tree and digging in the dirt and playing with my trucks. Mom says that she’ll get me a sand box when we move into our house, but I’m pretty happy with my little patch of earth.


My love for all things Thomas is still  as strong as ever, but I’ve got a new jam: Bob the Builder! I really dig him. (Get it?) I watch the shows all the time, sing the songs, and pretend with my bobcat and bulldozer.


Mom has been working very hard with me to get ready to potty train. I’ve gone in the potty a few times, but I’m not really too interested in it so we’re taking our time. Although, I love to flush the toilet. It goes WHOOOOSH and I yell “Woohoo!” when it goes down. Can’t I just skip the potty part and just flush all the time?


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