Joseph 2.1



This month, I am so happy that it has finally gotten warm enough to play outside! I would stay out all day long if mom would let me. I love to run up and down the hills and driveway, play with chalk, my fire truck, and blow bubbles. I explore everywhere and want to swim in the pool so badly!


Mom has been taking me out all over since it has been warm. We go to the playground, park, and library. Sometimes I get mad that we have to leave, I am having so much fun now that we aren’t stuck in the house.

I still love Thomas and play with my trains and cars everyday. Mom made me a fort out of a cardboard box and I like to go inside and look at my books. I also have fun coloring and playing with play dough.

I have been talking more clearly and using sentences more. My longest one so far has been “Come watch with me, Mom.” (Of course, I was talking about watching Thomas and Friends.) I also like to sing, dance, and play on grandma’s piano. Oh, and being silly and wrestling with Grandpa!


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