Three Years . . . .

Why does it seem like yesterday and yet a lifetime ago? Three years. How is this possible? I cling to your memories, what little we were able to have together. Most of it while you were inside me. I used to chuckle and call you my little octopi, you would both wiggle and squirm and wrestle one another. I think about the brief moment that I got to hold you both, amazed at your tiny preciousness. Rosy pink and oh so fragile. Such fleeting time together, but you are both etched into my brain and my heart.

Your little brother grows and grows. He is so full of life, I sometimes wonder if he will burst. A ball of energy and always on the run. Quick to smile and laugh, he brings joy to everyone. I know that you are both looking after him, keeping him safe in this world.

I struggle this year because we have moved away and I’m unable to visit you today. I feel overwhelming guilt that we are not near you. Please know that no matter where you father, brother, and I live on this earth, we all love you and keep you close to us in our hearts. I love you Mary and Christopher, Happy Birthday my loves.

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