Joseph: 23 Months

image_6I’ve been adjusting pretty well to living at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I miss some of my toys, my room, and my friends, but I’ve made myself right at home and have taken over the entire house. I think that I’ve livened it up around here quite a bit!

I really love playing outside in the snow, only it’s been way to cold to go outside! This makes me REALLY mad, especially when mommy tries to put me in the car and won’t let me run around. Hopefully, it will either get a little warmer so I can play in the snow, or get a bunch warmer so  I can go swimming.

image_5imageMommy has been coming up with some creative ways to keep me entertained. Some of my favorites are baking cookies, coloring, playing “marching band” and going to play with my ball and trucks in the basement. I also like to play hide and seek with Grandma’s cat, but I wish I was better at finding him.

I still love Thomas the Tank Engine, but also really like to watch The Tigger Movie and The Hungry Caterpillar on Netflix. Wonder Pets and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood are also on my preferred list.

image_9image_3I am working on walking up and down the steps a lot. I still have to hold onto mommy or daddy’s hand and the railing, but I’m getting better at it. Soon I’ll be running up and down them just like everywhere else I go.

Only one more month and I will be two years old! Can you believe it?


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