Joseph: 22 Months

**** Mommy apologizes, but can’t find the camera cord to post photos, she promises to add them ASAP****


This month was so much fun! I had some great times making Christmas cookies, going sledding, and playing with all of the toys that Santa gave me!

I had a very brief, but intense infatuation with ‘Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer Movie.’ I can totally understand why its a classic! So many great songs to sing to, and that silly old elf that wants to be a DENTIST! I laughed and sang along with Rudolf and Sam the Snowman about a million times between Christmas and New Year’s.


I am getting really tall now. Over three feet! I can reach on top of the counters and tables. I  also have been learning to walk up and down the stairs. I have to hold on to mommy’s hand, but I’m getting pretty good!

I really enjoyed spending time with my cousin Luke, aunts and uncles, grandma, grandpa, and grammy over the holidays. They really spoiled me this year with gifts, but the most fun was getting to play and be silly with them all.



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