Joseph: 20 Months

DSC05032I’m no longer a teen-ager! (Well, in months, that is.) I really had a lot of fun this month. Mommy and Daddy took me to the pumpkin patch – they had the best donuts – and trick-or-treating. We played outside a lot before it got too cold, and did lots of other things.

I started going to a gymnastics class and love to run around, roll on the mats, and play under the parachute! We are taking a break from swim class until after Christmas, but I still practice my moves in the tub every night.

DSC05025DSC05027Have you ever had graham crackers? I am OBSESSED with them. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, if mommy let me. I get SUPER upset when I find out they are all gone. I even try to climb into the cabinet to check if they are there.

I’m still really into “Follow that Bird” but “Thomas” has taken the number one spot in my heart right now. Well, maybe number two, if you count my beloved vacuum.

DSC05033DSC05035Trucks, cars, and trains are my favorite toys right now. I like to race them all over. I also like to play with my puzzles and read my books. One of my favorite games is “Ready, Set, Go!” with Daddy, he can never catch me!  I also try to jump on the beds whenever I get a chance. I think it is so much fun, but mommy doesn’t agree with me.

I’m really looking forward to this next month, we will be getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas and mom says I will get to try out my new winter coat and snow pants soon!


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