101 Things: 100. Organize wrapping paper supplies in closet


Okay, this is another one that might not be the most exciting, but it is going to make life so much better. Sounds silly? Well, let me explain:

All of the wrapping paper paraphernalia is jammed in the closet in my studio/craft room. It’s a small closet and this stuff takes up way too much space. Wrapping paper rolls, gift bagels, etc. explode out every time I open the door. Super annoying. I also have storage bins shoved in every corner or the room because I can’t fit them into the closet not to mention various piles of half finished projects, mending, and craft ephemera floating about. I feel like I’m trying to work in the clearance section of Michael’s instead of the clean, creative space I originally planned.

After much research and debate, I finally decided to order the Stanton Wrapping Cart from Home Decorators. It’s a bit pricier than some, but I liked that it has a ton of room for everything, is sturdy, fits in the closet, and is on casters so I can roll it out and back when needed. Plus, they had it on sale and with free shipping! Isn’t is a beauty? My plan was to corral and organize the closet, so I can then make room for everything. Basically, starting a chain reaction for cleanliness!

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