July’s Birchbox


  • Benefit Girl Meets Pearl – Benefit knows how to do liquid highlighters well and this one is no exception. This goes on very sheer and gives your skin a soft, subtle glow. I think it would be great to use for evenings out or even during the day when you want to look “presentable” without wanting to bother with a ton of make-up.
  • BENTA BERRY G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream – This French import is labeled as a unisex moisturizer, meaning that it goes on matte (most guys don’t want any shiny faces -but most gals don’t either) and has a fairly gender neutral scent. The creamy formula goes on smoothly and it feels very light and non-greasy. I do wish that it had some SPF in it as well, maybe the French don’t care about UV rays and sun damage?
  • Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect – I rarely use anything more that a comb to style my hair in the summer, but come fall I’m sure to haul out the hairdryer and straightener again. Give me a few weeks at it and my hair will be calling for some of this leave-in conditioner. The spray is supposed to protect from heat damage as well as providing a UV shield and color protection. I think I’ll stick this in the drawer to pull out when my hair needs some TLC.
  • 100% Pure Nourishing Body Cream – This all natural body lotion is packed full of nourishing cocoa and avocado butters as well as softening fruit oils, making it super hydrating but without that greasy, oily feel you get from some moisturizers. I really liked how this went on and lasted all day. My only complaint was that the coconut scent I received smelled more like coconut macaroons – a little too sweet for me- and it was REALLY strong smelling -lasting all day. It actually made me hungry! Something I don’t really look for in a body lotion.
  • Bonus Freebie: Birchbox Bobby Pins – I really like how these are made out of snag-free enamel and a have a slight upward bend at the tip -instead of the bumpiness of regular pins – it really helps them slide easily over strands and stay put. The cute geometric print makes the a bit of a fashion statement on top of a soldier in my war against unruly hair.

Anyone interested in getting their own box of fun make-up samples each month? If you’d like to sign up for a Birchbox please click here so I get credit for the referral. Thanks a bunch!

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