Dream Year 2013: June Re-Cap

So much for having a slow month! This one went in a blink. Hope everyone’s enjoying summer before it speeds by!

  • Working out has been coming in the form of taking Joseph to the pool, either for swim lessons or for fun. Laugh if you will, but lugging a 32lb squirming toddler around in the water is a good work out. I’ve lost a few more pounds, but feel that I’ve gained a bit more muscle as well.
  • Creatively, I’ve been okay. I finally finished a project that I still need to share, but since completing that, I’ve been stalled. Being busy outside with the garden has helped a bit, but I need to get my butt back in my studio soon.
  • Things with Shawn have been good. The early part of the month I was getting burned out with his work and golf commitments, but we were able to go on a mini-vacaton to Las Vegas for a few days without Joe and that was just the R&R we needed. Wouldn’t it be great to have that kind of getaway every month!
  • Mommydom has been good this month. Joe is always super busy, which keeps me on my toes, but he’s just a joy. He is getting better at being in the car and running errands, plus he entertains himself really well so I can get things done around the house (of course with one eye on him and my ears perked for any signs of mischief).

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