Dream Year 2013: May Re-Cap

May was a whirlwind of a month. I feel like I blinked and it was 30 days later. Hopefully, June will go at a bit slower of a pace.

  • Working out took a serious nose dive due to Joseph getting an awful cold, then passing it on to me. Full recovery for both of us took over half the month and then it was time for the family vacation.
  • Creatively, I did a bit better than last month, but still not at the level I would prefer. I’ve been slaving away at a project that I’m determined to finish – I’m almost there! -which will free me to start something exciting and new.
  • Relationship-wise we’ve been doing pretty good. We had a few fun date nights – a black-tie fundraising event and a night at the ball park – not to mention our family vacation.
  • Mommydom had its moments early in the month with us both being sick and miserable together, but we celebrated Mother’s Day and had so much fun at the beach together that it totally made this a great month to be “Joseph’s Mom”

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