Dream Year ’13: January Re-Cap

Well, we’re officially one month into 2013 and my overall goal has been to bring more balance to my life and I think that this month went pretty well.

  • Date Nights were officially put into effect and I must say that they are working. Shawn and I have been thoroughly enjoying our quality adult time and its helped us to stay a bit more connected. I must admit that sometimes it feels a bit hectic getting ready for the sitter and the next day can sometimes hurt (not enough sleep/too much vino) but I think that Date Night is here to stay. 
  • I’ve started back up with yoga practice. I’ve been going once a week on Thursday evenings as well as attempting to do a DVD at home. Its a start to getting more physically active as well as helping me deal with the stress of baby wrangling. I need to get myself to the running store and purchase some new shoes so I can add more cardio.
  • Crafting has been going full force with quite a few projects (more on that later) in addition to re-organizing my space. It was totally trashed from the holidays and now it is a more serene space to work in.
  • We’ve also been cooking a lot more and trying new recipes. I’ve cut out a lot of carbs as well. There’s room for improvement, but so far I’m pleased. I even got Shawn to eat a spinach frittata and some sautéed kale!!

Here’s to keeping the momentum going for February!

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