101 Things: 032. Find a reliable babysitter

As part of finding some balance, Shawn and I are committed to having a date night at least twice a month. This meant finding a reliable sitter for Joseph.

For those of you who have close relatives or friends you can rely on to watch your kiddos for you-count your blessings and be ever so thankful! With no family in town -my MIL is the closest at 2.5 hours away- and friends that have enormously busy lives of their own, I was really stuck on how to find someone to watch Joseph for us on occasion.

Luckily, some friends of ours suggested their sitter. A lovely girl who works at their daughter’s daycare and also sits for them on the weekends. I was a bit hesitant at first, but I met her before and saw her interact with Joe and their daughter as well. She is also certified in child CPR and has major experience from her day job. Win! She actually introduced us to one of her friends that also works at the daycare and she has watched Joseph as well.

I cannot tell you how big of a difference this has made in for us. Shawn and I are able to get some much-needed adult time together and I’m not worrying about the little guy because I know he’s in good hands.

Now, if I could only find someone reliable who could watch Joseph during the day so I could schedule doctor appointments, run non-baby friendly errands, etc. during the week. It’s hard to get things accomplished like this without Shawn having to take time off from work. Hopefully, we’ll figure something out some day. Until then, I’ll be schlepping Joe around whether he likes it or not.

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