Joseph: 9 Months

DSC04507I am everywhere . . fast! Crawling, climbing, and scrambling up and over everything in my way, I am into everything. I am curious and love to investigate. My favorite things are to help mommy cook in the kitchen, play in Walter’s doggie bowls, and unravel the toilet paper whenever I get the opportunity.

Walter and I are best friends. Nothing makes me happier then feeding him my food and climbing on top of him every chance I get.

l say hello to everyone and play patty cake all the time. I’m starting to really enjoy music and “dance” when I hear a good song. I also like to play the drums and shake toys that make noise. I also really love my books. I ask mommy to read (lunging out of her arms towards the bookcase) all the time. I especially like my pop up books. They never get old.

Only a few more months and I will be one year old! Oh I wonder how much more I’ll grow until then!

****Apologies for the less than stellar photos . . . someone was too wiggly. Will update with some better shots after Shawn helps me pin him down distract him.


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