November’s Birchbox


Yes, it is December and I’m posting about November’s box. I blame being out of town for half the month and the holidays.

This month’s Last month’s box had a theme of ‘Give’ -products from brands that give back and essentials that we are thankful for- very apropos, don’t you think?

  • Masqueology – This was a three part sample from the brand, it included and eye mask, moisture cream, and facial cleanser. The moisturizer and cleanser were nice, but fairly run of the mill. The eye mask, however, was a different story. Made out of synthetic mesh, these under eye pads are soaked with a gel full ingredients to increase skin elasticity and sooth inflammation. I liked how the mesh kept the cooling gel in place. No slipping off or running. Pretty cool. They seems to work well, I’d definitely use them again after a big night out (or more likely after being up all night with the little one.
  • Kiehl’s Creme De Corps – I’ve used Kiehl’s indulgent body moisturizer before and was excited to receive a sample that I can use for travel. This stuff is amazing!
  • stila all over shimmer liquid luminizer – Um, I am not really the most make-up savvy. Luminizer is one that I have not yet attempted. I am afraid of looking “sparkly” -something I would prefer to leave to tween girls and exotic dancers. This, however, left a VERY subtle sheen. I would maybe use this more in the summer or for a fancy event. It doesn’t really work into my everyday routine.
  •  MCMC Fragrance Phoenix Eau de Parfum -Described as having notes of  vanilla, honeysuckle, and peach. Too sweet! Ick.

Anyone interested in signing up for a Birchbox? Makes a great gift for the holidays! Please click here so I get points for the referral. Thanks a bunch!

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