Joseph: 8 Months

Another month has passed. I cannot believe how time flies by. My little guy is getting bigger and brighter every day.

This month I am on the move. I crawl everywhere . . fast! I also climb up over and on everything that gets in my way. I am timidly working on furniture walking now and mommy and daddy have been scrambling to get the house safe for me. I am doing tons of new things, clapping, shaking toys to make noise, waving “hello” and saying “Hi, Dada, Momma, and Yay!” I am curious and love to investigate everything.

Walter and I have become good friends and he lets me give him hugs, pets, and play with his toys. He also cleans up after me when I’m done eating. He is by best friend.

This month has been difficult because I’ve had a cold, cough, and a double ear infection. Mommy is ready to have a reserve parking space at the doctor’s office. Thankfully, I am feeling better now and I’m back to my silly self.

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