I’m staying in the picture

Last week I came across this article and it really hit home. Wonderfully written, it addresses an issue that most moms deal with on some level: Photographs.

Most moms I know, myself certainly included, avoid the camera because we don’t like how we look in pictures. We are not the perfectly coiffed, pink-cheeked, mom-models that are so often seen in media today. I’m more along the lines of the short pudgy Italian lady in yoga pants and a drool and dog hair-covered shirt with crazy hair and no make up. This does not usually photograph well.

But after reading this article, I realized that this is who I am and that my son will remember me more for my laughter, hugs and kisses, playing, cooking, and just being me. I need to document these times, with myself in the photo, because they will be the mementos that my child will cherish after I’m gone. I know that he might possibly laugh at my crazy hair, but I think that he will focus more on how we both have the same nose.

I promise you, my sweet Joseph, I will grin, laugh, and smile for the camera.


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