Joseph: Five Months

Holy cow did this month fly by! This was a big month developmentally for Joe, so many changes!

I now have my two bottom teeth! I am much happier now that they broke though, although I am still very drooly. I also started eating cereal this month. I absolutely love it and have a great appetite.

I am scooting backwards a bit and starting to try to get up on my hands and knees for a few seconds at a time. My favorite thing to do is jump in my Jumperoo. Once I get going, watch out!

I laugh and giggle with mommy and daddy and love playing on the floor with Walter. I still love to go in the pool and splash in my tub. I am still fighting my naps, but sleep at night like a champ.

I am a happy little guy and every day my personality comes out more and more. I can’t wait to show you what I can do this month!

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