Joseph: Three Months

Can you believe that another month has gone by? My little guy is getting so big. I have to say that each month is more fun than the last as he continues to grow and develop. This month I’ve seen a lot of physical and developmental changes.

I’ve done a lot this month. I’ve been rolling over and squirming about. It’s always a surprise which way I am facing when Mommy gets me out of my crib in the morning. I have been sleeping through the night most nights, but I still occasionally like a midnight snack.  I am MUCH more vocal now, talking to my toys and squealing with delight. I have been going swimming and love it a lot! My favorite toys are my Octopus and of course Mertle the Turtle and Spot. I am also partial to ceiling fans. I also love to sit up and I’m doing really well on my balance. I bet I will be able to do it without any help really soon.

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