101 Things: 86. Put in walk connecting back patio to driveway & replace side entrance

This spring we put in new steps to the side entrance of the house as well as a walkway to connect the driveway and the back patio. I cannot tell you how much this was needed. The side entrance to the laundry room was pretty much unusable. It has a minuscule wooden porch/landing that was very narrow and was cramped and over grown with bushes so that you had to squeeze in sideways to get in the door. Not very practical. We also had the problem of no walk connecting the back patio to the side of the house/driveway. This was a real pain, since you had to tramp through wet grass, snow, etc. It was also a favorite spot for Walter to do his business, so there were “land mines” to watch out for. Yuck.

So, we tore out the bushes and got rid of the tiny little entrance and had stone steps put in along with the bluestone walkway. I can’t tell you how much more inviting and open this has made the side of the house feel. Not to mention that we use that side entrance 100% more than before. Stupid me forgot to take some “before” photos for you to see. I wish I had because it really is a dramatic difference. (Pardon the less than stellar “after” photos. I had to snap some quick ones during nap time.) It is still is a little barren and sterile looking right now, but I’ll be getting some pots for around the side entrance to adds some color with some annuals. I am thinking some cheerful geraniums or other sun-loving plants. I’d love to do a flower box on the window (powder room) and maybe paint the door. We’ll see what I can talk Shawn into.

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