I am not really a big make up person. On a daily basis, I’m fine with some moisturizer and some lip balm. If I’m going “out” I’ll add some mascara, a bit of eye shadow and maybe some blush if I’m feeling extra pale. I rarely do more than that. I think that part of the reason why I’m not that into make up is that I am a bit overwhelmed by the options out there. I frankly don’t have the time to experiment and sample all the different brands to see what I’d like.

This has led me to decide to sign up with Birchbox. What is it you ask? Birchbox  is a company that delivers luxe beauty, grooming and lifestyle product samples to you each month based on your beauty profile. I think the Birchbox program is going to be really fun. For only $10/month I’m able to try 4-5 deluxe size samples of new products without searching all over or paying full price. You also receive 10 points for every month you receive your box and additional points for reviewing the products you receive. You also receive a point for every $1.00 you spend when purchasing product (either ones from the box, or others available on their site). For every 100 points, you earn $10.00!  It’s a great system, definitely better than the one at Sephora, where you only can redeem it your points for products of their choosing. You also earn an additional 50 points whenever you refer a friend, so if your interested click here!

I’m excited to change things up with my beauty regime (meaning actually starting one) and I promise I’ll be sure to post when I receive my first box and will let you know what I think of the products I receive.

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