Purse Pouches

purse pouches

Now that I am schlepping around a baby bag, I have been just throwing my wallet in it when I have to go somewhere. (It is just too hard to mess with a purse and the baby bag when hauling around the carseat.) This is a pain because I always end up forgetting something be it lip balm, notebook, pens, etc. I am thinking of investing is a pouch or clutch to toss these things in that I can easily transfer from purse to baby bag. I think that I’d like on in a bright color as well, making it an easier target when diving into the depths of my bag to fish it out. Here are a few options I think would do the job.

Clare Vivier foldover clutch, $156 BAGGU clutch handbag, $40 American Apparel suede handbag $56 Kate Spade beauty product, $68 BAGGU Baggu Small Zipper Set – Set Of 3 $8

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