Joseph William: A Baby Story

Well it has been two weeks since the arrival of my little man and I thought that I’d share how things went for the delivery and what we’ve been up to for the past couple of weeks.

Everything started early on Tuesday morning, March 13th, Shawn and I went to the hospital at 7am to be admitted in order to be induced. I was started on pitocin around 8:30am and had my water broken around 10:30 or so. I decided to get an epidural around noon. This was pretty painful since it took them three or four tries to get in. Getting a needle put into your spine while contracting is NOT FUN.

I had a fairly rough time for most of the afternoon in active labor. They had to re-dose me several times with the epiand give me Nubain because it was wearing off quickly. I also was vomiting a lot as a side effect. Puking while contracting, also NOT FUN.

I was at the point where I was ready to start pushing at 7pm. I pushed until he arrived at 8:06pm. The nurses and doctor were fairly surprised at how quickly I got him out. There was a point which they wanted me to stop pushing (This was the most agonizing thing I have ever been asked to do. Insane. . . . ) because the doctor was on his way to the hospital and they wanted me to wait until he got there. I guess that I told them that this is a hospital and to go find another doctor. I have to say that this hour of pushing was the longest hour of my life and I could not imagine pushing for longer. It amazes me that some women push for 4,6, or 8 hours. I would have given up.

Immediately after delivery, they put him on my stomach while Shawn cut the cord. They then took him to get cleaned, up while I delivered the placenta and got some stitches. After we were all taken care of, we were moved into a private room where we spent our first night together.

We were discharged Thursday afternoon and made our way home. Over the next few days, I was having no success in breastfeeding, my milk came in but would not come out, so we had to start him on formula. I was pumping every time I fed him, but nothing was working. I also was having problems with swelling of my feet and ankles and started to have some shortness of breath. Fast forward to Monday night and I was wheezing and sounding like I had a rattle in my lungs. I was scared I had pneumonia, so Shawn took me to the ER Tuesday morning. I ended up having to be admitted since they were concerned I might have postpartum cardio myopathy, but after a chest xray, a CAT scan, and an EKG, it was found that I was retaining an unusual level of fluids. This was making my heart and lungs weaken, so I was given medications for high blood pressure and to eliminate the fluids. This helped a lot and I was able to come back home on Thursday afternoon. I still have to take the meds for the next 30 days, but I have to say that I am feeling MUCH better and I’m so happy to be home.

I have to take a moment to say how amazing my husband has been during these past couple of weeks. He has already proven himself an amazing father. Changing diapers, making bottles, and doing laundry around the clock. He has taken care of me and Joseph without a word of complaint. Whenever I see him holding our little boy, it brings tears to my eyes. I know with you we can get through anything. I so look forward to enjoying our son and watching him grow together.

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