@mrsphicks Chukka Moc

I’ve been meaning to post about one of my awesome Christmas gifts from the hubby, but between baby stuff and getting the kitchen ready for renovation (more on that later) I’ve haven’t been able to find the time, until now.

@mrsphicks , a.k.a Kat, is half of the wonder-couple that are behind the phenomenal tie company Pierrepont Hicks. Shawn and I met Kat and Mac when we went to Minneapolis for NorthernGrade in 2010. Shawn has many of their ties and bows and they all look amazing on him. I highly recommend them for any handsome man in your life. Well, Kat decided that partnering with her hubby in a successful business and raising two beautiful young daughters were not enough -setting the bar high for me, Kat!- and decided to launch a shoe line for women.

“Working in menswear, I’ve always gravitated toward that style of fashion.  I love the Chukka, Wallabee and Desert Boot styles of footwear. In 2009 after spending over ten years in fashion and publishing in New York City, I launched a neckwear line called Pierrepont Hicks with my husband Mac.  I couldn’t shake the urge to design the ideal simple and rugged shoe for women.”

I instantly fell in love with the Chukka at first sight. I love the rugged quality they have, while still being stylish and who can resist that fun kelly green interior! Plus, I was so excited to find out that each pair are handmade to order in Maine. I feel like USA made products are so much harder to find for women and want to do all I can to help womenswear follow the recent menswear trend of being American Made. I told Shawn that I wanted to order a pair as soon as they became available. Luckily, I have the best husband in the world and he worked behind the scenes with Kat to get a pair for me in time for Christmas! They are even more gorgeous in person, the leather and suede are supple yet you can tell they will be durable over the years. There’s only one small problem, my pregnancy-swollen feet are a little too puffy to wear them right now. I’m currently keeping then in my closet in a place of honor where I can pet them lovingly until I can fit my poor feet into them better.

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