Must admit . . .

I have to admit that I am really enjoying not having to travel this year for Christmas. (The doctor grounded me on all travel due to possible cerclage issues – everything is fine, but he wants to be 100% safe.) Usually, it is a race across the Midwest to spend time with both of our families and by the time we land back home we are exhausted and need a vacation from our vacation. Now please don’t get me wrong, I really love seeing everyone and getting together to celebrate the season, but It is really hectic and stressful to travel like that each year. I think that this will be the first year I will wake up in my own bed on Christmas morning since I was in high school!

I am happy to say that Shawn’s mom and brother will be visiting on the 23rd/24th and my parents are make the trip out for a few days on the 27th, so we will still get to spend some time with our families. I’m actually quite excited to “host” a bit of the holidays here for them!

I know that we will probably go back to traveling again next year, but I am hoping that we can work out something with everyone so that we can have Christmas Day here at our home. Shawn and I want to start our own family traditions, especially since it will be the little guy’s first. How do people make that transition once they have kids? Any suggestions? Well, at least I have an entire year before I have to worry about that! 

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