Nothing much to report

Sorry for the recent lack of posting, but there really hasn’t been to much to report lately. Shawn and I had a quiet Thanksgiving here in Columbus, due to the no travel ruling from the OB/GYN. We actually went to a nice restaurant for dinner – something I’ve never done before- and then stopped at a friend’s house for dessert. We also spent the weekend putting up most of the Christmas decorations and getting things together for our upcoming Holiday Party.

On the pregnancy front, I’ll be at 25 weeks tomorrow, so I’m in my 6th month. Having some issues with carpel tunnel still, although the braces have been helping, and some major hip/pelvic pain along with the usual exhaustion. The little guy is moving around now quite a bit and it’s strong enough that Shawn has been able to feel it. Yay!

We’re gearing up to do the baby registry in then next week or so. I must admit, I’m a bit overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that we have to get. Not to mention all of the different options. I’ve spent more time researching strollers and car seats than I’ve ever spent on buying a car!

Also getting my list together to commence holiday shopping. Must say that my heart isn’t quite in it this year since we won’t be able to travel to see the family. I’m trying to turn that around though. Maybe once I have the tree up . . . .

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