The Great Gender Reveal

Last Thursday, Baby Colley decided to finally show us the goods and solved “The Great Gender Mystery.”

Drumroll please . . . . . . . it’s a boy!!!

Shawn and I are very excited and happy about our little blue bundle of joy and decided to first share the news with our family and close friends over the weekend before going public. Everyone is over the moon about the little guy – my nephew ran around his house whooping like an indian- and can’t wait for his arrival in March. We are already having fun thinking about decorating the nursery and cute little boy clothes. Suffice it to say, the little guy will be wearing lots of twill, selvage denim, and tweed if Shawn has anything input (and lots of handmade knits from mama).

I should also let you know that in addition to gender, the doctor’s appointment went well and he is measuring spot on with his due date and looks healthy from all aspects. My cervix is also staying put and looking “terrific” according to my doctor. So everyone is happy and healthy so far. Yay!

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