Big News Day

I wish that I could do a flashy announcement like Beyonce at the VMAs, but I am a TERRIBLE singer, and well, sequins aren’t my thing. Yes, Shawn and I are delighted to say that I’m pregnant again!

After the tragedy of losing the twins, we weren’t sure at first how soon we wanted to try again, but at the summer progressed, we felt like it was time. It took us quite a while before, so we thought that it might take a while. . . . uh, not this time. I’m currently at 12 weeks and due on March 15th. Yes, the Ides of March. . . no, I’m not going to name the baby Brutus, Caesar, etc.

My OB/GYN has recommended that I have a cerclage put in as a precautionary measure due to the issues I had before with an incompetent/funneled cervix. I will have the procedure on Wednesday. It is to be an out-patient procedure with me being on bed rest for the next few days at home. After that, I will be going to the doctor’s often -he jokes that we’ll become best friends- to keep tabs on things. Hopefully, it will be a normal pregnancy, however there is a chance that I’d have to go on home or hospital bed rest if the the situation changes. We are cautiously optimistic about things and are going to celebrate this pregnancy and not let fear or anxiety take away from our joy.

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