Cy Twombly

I was so sad to find out that one of my favorite artists passed away yesterday. Cy Twombly was an American artist well known for his large-scale, freely scribbled, calligraphic-style graffiti paintings. I loved how his works often blurred the line between drawing and painting and how he often quoted the poems, classical myths and allegories in his works.

I feel fortunate that when I went to The Modern Wing a few years ago, they had an exhibition of Twombly’s work that I was able to check out. It was wonderful to see a large collection of his works and catch a glimpse of his creative process over the years. I hope that they’ll do a retrospective of his work as a homage to his passing. The art world will definitely feel his passing.

Image: Cy Twombly, Leda and The Swan, c. 1962, Oil, pencil, and crayon on canvas, 6′ 3" x 6′ 6 3/4"

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