Strawberry Adventure ’11

Yesterday, my sister, nephew and I went strawberry picking. Since we’ve moved back to Columbus, we had to find a new spot. After some research, we decided on going to Mitchell’s Berry Farm in Plain City, Ohio. And I must say, we weren’t disappointed. We spent about 90 minutes picking in one of their fields and we came back with over 20lbs of beautiful, delicious berries.

We came back home and started canning. We decided to make twice the amount of jam as last year, it is the only jam that my nephew will eat, so we divided it into two batches. We put up a total of 32 jelly jars (8 oz) and two pint jars since we ran out of the smaller ones. Plenty of jammy goodness to get us through until next year. (I’m going to share the recipe we used and the process in a future post.)

In addition to the jam, we made some strawberry ice cream, a strawberry smoothie for Luke and daiquiris for my sister and myself to celebrate the fruits of our labor.

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