Noble County Gold Denim Shoot

Thought that I’d mention to go check out Shawn’s post on Noble County Gold about his adventures in giving his beloved Baldwin Denim a bath in the Calibogue Sound. If you know Shawn, you know how seriously he takes his denim, so this was a big deal. It was hilarious watching him do this on the beach, people were walking by like “Whaaaat?” and had no idea what to make of him rolling around in the sand and me taking documenting the event.

I must admit that he did a great job, the jeans have that great worn in look that was authentic looking, unlike those spray on “whiskering” things they spray on. They also smelled like fresh sea air instead of husband funk, a GREAT improvement. I joked that maybe we could buy a beach house down there and start up a business giving people’s denim the “beach treatment” – we could call it the Wash House. Seriously, go check out his post, it great. Honey, I’m already looking forward to your next creative laundry adventure.

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