House Matters

Well, now that the vacation is over, I am jumping back into the house stuff. We’ve got an official date for the movers: May 27th! (Lord, I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to getting in our house and out of this apartment.)That means I have little more than a week to get some things done.

Before we left we picked paint colors for some interior rooms and the painter is almost done. (I’ll post the colors later, I forgot to grab them from the house.) The AV guy is busy with his wires, speakers, and components and hopefully the closet shelving will be installed in the master soon. I’ve got to pick out and order the washer and dryer and also some light fixtures this week. I’m also on the hunt for a shower curtain for the main bathroom. Why is this so difficult to find? Maybe I’ll try to sew one myself if I can’t find anything. Can’t be too hard, right?

We’re also planning on making a trip to Ikea this weekend. We need to get a ton of things for the house, plus I want to check out some EXPEDIT for my craft room.

I’ve also got to do the more mundane things: schedule the phone/internet guy and the satellite dish people to come hook us up, change over addresses, clean the shelves and cupboards, etc. Well, I better end this post and get started. Lotsa stuff to do!

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